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by Young Jesus

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Your family and friends will never die. Everybody’s gonna be alright tonight. [repeat]
David 04:04
Verse 1: David used to be creative, seeing screens in all our faces, talking like a kid Scorcese, making films of kids and pavement. Summer’d always come around, we’d talk about our dreams we’d talk about the way that running gives a respite from depression. Pre-chorus: But I’m not sayin’ I’m the man to write you a letter anonymous tonight turnin’ tables to shield you from our guns. Chorus: Some things flutter out of focus. David’s changing frame by frame, hoping Eloise will notice, but the film’s dissolving into grain. Verse 2: David used to be creative now he’s trading pills and papers, hanging out at burn out stables, coming down half Cain, half Abel. Eloise, she broke his heart, she moved to Tennessee, she moved to somewhere where the climate won’t give way to more regression. [Pre-chorus, Chorus] Breakdown: Now I’m lying in the backyard with my feet in the air, and I’m thinking about David but I just can’t seem to care. Now David he’s been dying, he’s been drinking alone. Well I’m not quite the friend you thought I was all along.
New Cool 02:59
We’re locked in step at 2 A.M., our watches fade to silhouettes. We’re time and trial, we tick the same. We’re sound and silence in our heads, we’re taking Psych stoned on the bed. These violent hours, awake instead. The cooler kids don’t give a shit, they only care for carelessness. They’re only style, no substance. We’re different cause we’ve stayed the same, our Lucky Strikes held strong by tape. We’re happy tired, still smoldering. Chorus: You got me smiling everyday I’m not so worried I’m ok with being lame. Verse 2: Careless and young in the backs of cars, quickly the 50’s under the stars. I’m not so worried all the time, we’re born so early in our minds. We’re punks in a bunk bed for awhile with small catalogues screming ’95. I think I’s turning 7 then, I think I thought I’d meet you when… Crosslegged down in the basement sorting records with Hector and some other kids. We’re sifting 60’s groovin’ slow, we’re bobbing heads I think we know… Now we’re 22 and it’s 2010 at last act our age and holdin’ hands we’re moving forward all the time, we’re born this moment in our minds. [Chorus]
News 04:08
Chorus: I burned a skull and crossbones on my arm. Tattooed the trace of your fingers through my palm without you. I got these scars of you. I heard your brother had a heatstroke and I heard your sister she’s coming home again without you. Now all I got is news. Verse/Breakdown: I heard you sing at The Sovereign slowly, your cover band’s just a cover for loneliness. Heard your living somewhere near Rogers Park. I guess you just got burned by Brooklyn. The by-lines spoke of arson and dissonance. Heard your living somewhere near Lincoln Park. [Chorus]
Away 03:47
Chorus: You’re not what I’ve been looking for. Prescription pills from the floor. We’re not what we’ve been hoping for. Oh, all us kids on the floor! Verse 1: the walls are the sky. in this glass house the walls are the sky. pass me a light, i gotta smoke this through my trachea. let’s go out tonight, i gotta put this pill in my pupil. pull down the blinds i got some lightbulbs that float from the floor if you’re afraid of darkness afraid of darkness see I’m not anymore if you’re afraid of darkness afraid of darkness… [Chorus] Verse 2: memory lane, but the shapes and angles aren’t the same. something’s off, the pavement’s all torn up. the tree’s are bearing fruit in the shape of organs. the clouds are casting shadows on rabid animals are you afraid of darkness, afraid of darkness see I’m not anymore are you afraid of darkness, afraid of darkness…
Chorus: Alright Come on Our blood This Town Verse 1: So me and David yeah me made it to the party. I tried to hide his pills but took two just the same. We grind our teeth and see the chalk-white detritus. Now he’s collecting it. He’s writing out my name. Pre-chorus 1: We’re all the kids that stuck around, This ugly venom fills our blood. I’m half disturbed, half high as hell, It all makes sense I’m coming up. [Chorus] Verse 2: Little lightning’s got my number all this thunder’s making everything too loud. I’m jumping on the backs of devils just to glimpse up at the stars and the clouds. Pre-chorus 2: We’re all the kids that stuck around, We’re playing God with broken thumbs. I’m half disturbed, half high as hell, It all breaks down I’m getting numb. [Chorus]
Earthquake 02:41
Verse 1: The day ends and up and down back and forth. David’s fallin’ off the wires, walking with a knife’s edge rusting in his right hand waiting for the night and waiting for an eye in the storm. The fault line’s greatest closer to the bone. Chorus 1: I am drunk and sentimental with killers quaking below my feet. Verse 2: I am asleep for half the year and half asleep while I am here and wishing just to wake and stay and David yes he knows the same. He’s waiting for a life awake. Chrous 2: I am drunk and sentimental with killers quaking below my feet. Chicago turns to Sacramento. Our houses fall to entropy.
It’s time to take up smoking in a Tom Waits song. It’s time to see these embers burn out before too long. It’s time to see which of these ashes deserve urns. It’s time to burn the endings off our nerves. We’ve all changed, but can you feel the flames the same?
Home 03:23
15 songs from 15 writers 5 of which are only silence. Remind me why I keep on trying. the bones in us grow in A minor, C. Be still. The greater boulders slowly fall off all our shoulders. Hold your hand in rolling water. Hear yourself make sense mono. I am David. I am David! I am Eloise, I’m jaded. We’re gonna need some new names, Mabel. Tell me all your favorites. Give me some new hearts earthquaking. Tell me emo’s not quite dead, or say I’ve got some indie cred or put The Good Life on repeat. We’ve got a couple weeks or years. We’ve got some time to train our ears to 15 songs need underwriters, interludes need arcade fires. Well arcades need some coins, and so do we. Give me The National with spiders. Give me The Beatles unenlightened. Prize fighting with The Velvet Teen for some new Brand New memories on vinyl- burning for the wax with some quick water on our hands with dust from boulders from our past. I am happy, I am sound. I’ve got my family and my friends. I’ve got these 15 writers, 15 songs who said we’d all be well. I think I knew it all along.


released January 24, 2012


all rights reserved



Young Jesus Los Angeles, California

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